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A Complete Guide of Swimming Pool Enclosure Roofing Styles and Designs

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Pool Roofing

Are you in search of a type of reliable pool roof material in Australia? At Excelite Plastic Ltd., you will get a swimming pool roofing design of your choice. Whether you need a custom made or standard design, you can order them directly from our factory in China. Take a look at these: Pool Roofing

Different polycarbonate swimming pool roofing profiles

We use strong and durable materials for all our swimming pool enclosure roofs. It is because this equipment is designed for adverse weather and climatic conditions. Most probably, places that experience strong winds (up to 230 km/hr.). Of course, they can withstand heavy snow loading – 900 kg per 1.5 m. These are versatile roof designs that feature:
  1. Extruded aluminum – we use aluminum to make the entire structure of the pool enclosure
  2. Solid polycarbonate sheet – as our primary glazing material with superior physical and chemical properties.
For our glazing materials, we use polycarbonate sheet: Pool Roofing

Excelite solid polycarbonate sheets for pool roof.

As you will later in this article, all these roofs are engineered for maximum performance even in adverse weather conditions. The designs make them to add beauty in the outdoor living areas. There are very many types of swimming pool enclosure roof designs. It is upon you to choose one that meets your requirements. Here are some few samples: Pool Roofing

Different styles of polycarbonate pool enclosure roofing styles

Which design will you go for? It is upon you to choose. We can help you to go about the process too. Remember, all our pool enclosure roofing designs still conform to the roofing codes and standards. This is to ensure that the swimming pool enclosure is actually safe.

Swimming Pool Roof Design Options

Some of the most common pool enclosure shapes and designs include the following:

Flat Pool Roof Design

We consider this a traditional design. Apparently, most people don’t like a pool enclosure with a flat roof. Basically, the whole enclosure takes the form of a square or a rectangle shape. Both roof and walls mostly form an angle of 90 degrees. Of course, it is constructed from polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods. The main disadvantages of a flat roof design are:
  1. Not attractive – this is one of the main reasons why people avoid it.
  2. Water build up on the surface since there is no slop that allows for water drainage.
  3. Snow does not slide off the surface therefore, increasing probability of the roof collapsing.
These are some of the reasons why we don’t recommend this type of roof design. Apparently, most people have converted the flat roofs into other designs.

Sloping Pool Roof Style

This is just a flat roof design thou it slants slightly. It seems like the designs tries to solve some of the disadvantages of a flat pool enclosure roof. This design is such that, the roof makes an angle less than 90 degrees to the wall on one end and an angle greater than 90 degrees on the opposite end. Below is an example of a sloping roof design. Pool Roof

Slanting roof design attached to the main house

Most noteworthy, sloping designs make water and slow to slide off the roof. For this reason, this roof is not subjected to high loads. Still, most people don’t like this type of roofing design since it is not appealing to the eye. However, it is a simple design that guarantees all the benefits of polycarbonate pool enclosures. These roofing designs are common in swimming pools that are near the main house. Therefore, one end of the enclosure roof is attached to the main house.

Gable Roof Design for Swimming Pool Enclosure

This is yet, another popular roofing design for most pool enclosures. Pool Roofing Unlike the other two, most homeowners like this design, especially for high profile pool enclosure. This is where two slanting sides of the pool enclosure come together at a roof ridge. This creates end walls with triangular extensions. Below is an example of a gable swimming pool enclosure. You can opt for one gable roof or multiple designs that slide over each other. It depends on whether you need fixed or retractable pool enclosures. Again, our team will also help you to build on your concepts to realize that unique design. For a fact, there are endless possibilities if you choose our swimming pool enclosures. As a matter of fact, there are so many gable design options. It is upon you to choose a unique style and design. Contact us today and we will ensure you get the best enclosure. Pool Roof

Dome Roof Designs for Pool Enclosures

This is yet, another common type of roof design. Normally, the swimming pool enclosure has a semicircular shape. In fact, it is a favorite design for our clients in both North America and Europe. Both maintenance and installation process is simple. The dome roof designs are also available in different configurations. You can request for a customized design too. Does this look like something you may need to install in your yard? If yes, then don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be delivered to your door step: Pool Roofing

A swimming pool enclosure with a semi circular cover

You can order for either low or high profile pool enclosure. However, a high pool enclosure is always the best. It gives you enough room to incorporate all other items that help in pool enclosure decoration. As you can see from the image above, the pool enclosure is constructed using curved aluminum rods and polycarbonate enclosure. Pool Roof

Mansard Swimming Pool Enclosure Design

In case you don’t want the dome pool enclosure, then a mansard pool design can also be a better option. A mansard shape has slanted edges that form a joint with more than 90 degrees with the opposite walls. The slanting sides do not form a joint at the center of the roof like in the case of gable designs. Instead, it’s the two slanting sides are joined together with a flat surface as you can see below:
Pool Roof
This gives it a unique appearance and design that makes your outdoor swimming pool lively and entertaining.


As you can see, you have so many roofing styles and designs to choose for your swimming pool enclosure. You can opt for the mansard, dome, flat or slanting design. Moreover, you can also go for the customized shapes. Our technical team will be happy to assist you during this process.
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