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10 Hidden Secrets Why You Should Buy Swimming Pool Dome Covers

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Do you know why people have been installing swimming pool dome cover? Pool Dome

Pool Dome

Why are they in demand in the recent past? I will explain all this to you. May be telling you the truth will save you the agony of buying substandard products in the market. But, again, I will also compare it with the retractable swimming pool enclosures. I believe this is the most robust and reliable product ever invented. It guarantees a wide range of benefits. For instance, do you know of any product that can serve you for more than 25 years or with a 15-year warranty? Let’s get started.

Basic Facts about Swimming Pool Dome Cover

With this information, you will be able to analyze all options available at your disposal to make the right decision:

1. Low initial investment

Swimming pool dome covers are a perfect choice for people who are not prepared to spend a lot of money on this equipment. That is, depending on the size or design of your pool cover, you may spend as low as $600. This is quite low as compared to our swimming pool enclosure prices. We did revise our prices for our enclosures. You can see this below: Pool Dome cover As you can see, the most affordable retractable swimming pool enclosure is almost 4 times more expensive than the pool cover. As always, we find it professional and ethical to give an unbiased assessment. But, why do you think we still recommend polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures? I will make this simple for you:
  • Long service lifespan – more than 25 years, with a warranty of 15 years.
  • Superior strength and durability – it can withstand a weight of 900kg within a radius of 1.5m and a wind speed of 230km/hr.
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Easy to open and close – it is you choose whether you need an outdoor or indoor environment.
Well, you will invest $600 to buy swimming pool dome covers, but, you will not enjoy these 4 key benefits. What do you think?

2. Creates a micro climate – extended swimming hours

Why do we install swimming pool enclosures as opposed to winter covers? We want to extend swimming hours. Whether it is winter or summer. The two provide a perfect environment for swimming. In fact, when you have pool dome covers, you don’t have to worry about the weather. The two products trap heat, thus, maintaining a warm environmental condition. Again, I have to highlight that, solid polycarbonate sheet has better insulation properties than vinyl material. This implies, a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure will definitely retain more heat. Thus, you will reduce energy costs. Again, you can see that retractable polycarbonate enclosures are more superior to pool dome covers.

3. Service life span

As I had mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a short-term investment, then swimming pool dome covers is a perfect choice for you. Their life span is shorter than the retractable polycarbonate swimming pools. So, it is upon you to decide.

4. Security and safety

Quite a number of swimming pool dome covers are manufactured from extruded aluminum rods and vinyl material. Well, the extent of safety and security this equipment provide is not enough. Why do I say so?
  • Vinyl material is not stronger than polycarbonate sheet.
  • It has zippers to close both windows and doors
Definitely, intruders can still access the swimming pool. This is not the case for polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures. Solid polycarbonate is a strong material known for its high impact resistance and shatterproof. Again, aluminum is equally a strong material.
Pool Dome

A solid polycarbonate sheet

This combination results in a stronger structure that is virtually impossible to break into. Even the door is constructed from aluminum and polycarbonate. It comes with a childproof locking mechanism. Pool Dome

A swimming pool enclosure with a door

In short, in case you want maximum security, then it is advisable to go for polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

5. Simple design and structure

If you review all swimming pool covers design available in the market, they have a simple shape and design. In fact, it is the end users who make this design complicated by opting for a simple shape. That is, either circular or rectangular. Generally, both retractable swimming pool enclosures and dome covers come in simple designs and structure.

6. Reducing operational costs

These covers form a barrier between the swimming pool and external environment. Thus, it prevents leaves, dirt or dust particles from entering the swimming pool. For this reason, you don’t need to waste time cleaning or testing swimming pool water pH frequently.

Pool Dome

Again, the ability to control swimming pool water temperature reduces heating costs. In short, both materials will reduce operational costs.

7. It uses a simple technology

There is nothing sophisticated here. After installing the swimming pool dome covers, all you need will be to close and open the zipper. That is, for both doors and ventilation system. Again, this is a perfect choice for people who are only interested having an indoor experience on their outdoor swimming pools. However, this can inconvenience people who wish to have both environments at the same time. That is, they can create either an outdoor or an indoor environment depending on their preference. This makes retractable swimming pool enclosures a perfect choice. That is, you can either slide it back and forth. However, you must handle this enclosure with care.

8. Suitable for above the ground swimming pools

Can you imagine installing a retractable polycarbonate enclosure on an above the ground swimming pool? Well, obviously this could be too expensive. This is because you will be forced to go for a high profile pool enclosure. For pool dome covers, all you need is to mount its base on the edge of above ground swimming pool enclosure. It will be relatively cheaper and simple to install.

9. Ease of installation

As you can see from the retractable swimming pool enclosure installation instructions, this process is quite long as compared to that of pool dome cover. That is, you don’t have to assemble, cover A, B, C, etc. All you need is have you structure and mount the vinyl material. That is all.

10. There is a wide range of options available

Both the retractable polycarbonate enclosures and pool dome covers are available in very many options. Normally, the roofing design is always a distinguishing factor. So, it is upon you to choose one that suits your most.


As you might have realized, both pool dome covers and retractable swimming pool enclosures play a significant role in protecting the pool. However, the retractable swimming pool covers are a perfect choice for this application due to a number of superior features mentioned above. In case you have any questions, on retractable swimming pool covers, don’t hesitate to contact our technical team
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    Pool Dome Cover

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