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Sound Proof Panels - High-quality Highway Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier

sound barrier Compared with our GP acrylic sheet, Acoustic Sound Barrier Sheet embedded with polyamide threads has stronger impact resistance, which not only avoids debris falling backwards and secondary injury in the impact event, but also stops the little birds from knocking down the entirely transparent sound barrier and saves their lives. It is widely used in high-way noise barriers because it has great features. Sound proof panels for highway noise barriers are the best application for this product.
  • High transmittance of 93%
  • Perfect weather resistance(long-term outdoor use up to 25 years, light transmission can still reach 89%)
  • Hard and tough, not easily deformed
  • High intensity shatterproof integration capabilities(Acrylic reinforced sheet with embedded polyamide threads have very strong impact resistance, can avoid debris falling backward secondary injury in the impact event of circumstances. All have bird protection function)
  • Easy processing (cutting, drilling)
  • Recyclable (environmentally friendly new materials)

Acrylic Sound Barrier Sheet comparison with others

Good sound insulation

The noise reduction mechanism of the acoustic panel is reflected rather than absorbed. After testing, 15 and 20 mm acrylic sheets, respectively, 32 and 35 db of noise reduction. If the top of the acoustic panel were made in an inwardly curved shape, the sound effects would be better.

Excellent weather resistance

Acoustic panels in a variety of applications shows excellent weather resistance for outdoor use warranty of 25 years; while others such as PC sheets, turn yellow in several years only, on the visual environment have been affected.

High transparency

Our sound barrier sheet has high transmittance of over 93% (transparent plate), even higher than glass. The initial transmittance is better than other transparent plastics, and with surface damage, the transmittance will be further reduced for other transparent plastics such as PC sheet;

Processing is simple

Compared with glass, acrylic sheet is safer and easier to cut and transport on site. Furthermore, acrylic acoustic panels can be cold bent (minimum bend radius is 300 times the plate thickness), thermoformed, and diverse.

Strong impact resistance

While the glass is very easy to break and will be completely destroyed by the impact, the acrylic acoustic panel has excellent impact resistance.

Light weight

Lighter than glass (specific gravity of about 50% of the glass), a common support structure can be used, which is also more secure and convenient for installation.

Protection of Birds

Acrylic reinforced sheet with embedded polyamide threads makes it easier for birds to identify, in order to avoid bruises on the highway.
Standard Specification
  • Thickness: 12/ 15 / 20 / 25 mm
  • Standard size:2600 x 2100 mm3000 x 2000 mm2200 x 2100 mm …

Sound proof panels for Highway Noise Barrier

Property Unit Value
Mechanical Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.19-1.2
Rockwell Hardness gk/cm2 M-100
Shear Strength gk/cm2 630
Flexual Strength gk/cm2 1050
Tensile Strength gk/cm2 760
Compressive Strength gk/cm2 1260
Specific Heat Cal/groc 0.35
Electrical Insulation Endurance Kv/mm 20
Surface Resistance ohm >1016
Optical Light Transmittance % >92
Thermal Thermo Forming Temp oc 140-180
Deformation Temp oc 100
Expansion Coefficient cm/oc 6*10-5

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