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Polycarbonate Greenhouse

 Exceliteplas provides a wide range of polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse products. We also make the finished polycarbonate greenhouse in order to satisfy the market. You can also choose to build the greenhouse yourself when you receive the polycarbonate sheets. In other words, we can supply all the needed polycarbonate sheets for your whole greenhouse, or you can choose a finished greenhouse we have.


  • Light transmission: up to 85%
  • Impact resistance: 80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting
  • Temperature resistance range: -40 – +120°C
  • Quality: 100% virgin Bayer material, 50 micron UV layer
  • 10 years warranty, approved by ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004

Typical Application

  • Agriculture/garden greenhouse
  • Roof material
  • Industrial building
  • Stadium
  • Industrial lighting system
  • Swimming pool cover
  • Warehouse and museum lighting system and so on

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