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Top-Grade Anti Static Sheet

Anti Static Sheet

Anti Static Sheet

Exceliteplas provides high-quality Anti Static Sheet in Australia. We are Premium Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Polycarbonate Supplier.

ESD Anti-Static Coating Introduction

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, such as contact, friction can cause static electricity. ESD protection technology use very widely in electronic industry, oil industry, steel industry, textile industry, rubber industry, and electrostatic hazards Air-military areas, seeking to reduce losses caused by static electricity. Excelite Anti-static(Electro-Static discharge)coating is a product designed to control static electricity for a wide range of end uses. It is a polycarbonate sheet or PMMA sheet which has been surfaced with SciCron Technologies proprietary, clear. This unique technology prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces, thereby controlling particulate attraction and preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. This performance is permanent and totally independent of humidity. Excelite ESD sheet offers various thickness and sheet sizes. Our sheet is very light weight, it also exhibits superior impact resistance and flame spread properties, excellent light transmission, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance.


  • applications include; machine guards, covers, windows, doors,
  • Construction of clean room plant (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.),
  • access panels or cover for electronic equipment,
  • Cleanroom equipment shelter,
  • Clean room space separated,
  • Clean equipment,
  • Observation windows and equipment enclosures,
  • Electronic test fixture, etc.
  • assembly machines and instruments;
  • transparent room patio

Anti-Static Sheet Technical Data

Product name: Anti static panel(PMMA)
Size 5.0㎜×1200㎜×2400㎜
Coating Specification Static Dissipative Abrasion Resistant Coating
Adhesion 100% Cross hatch adhesion ASTM D3359
Optical properties Transmittance % Up 85 90.02 Haze meter JIS K7105
Haze % Down 1 0.61
Mechanical properties Pencil hardness 4H↑ 4H Pencil tester JIS K5400
Surface resistance Ω/㎠ 10^6~8 2.1×10^6 Surface resistance tester ASTM D-257
Cross cut 100/100 100/100 Cross cut test
Anti-scratch Good Good steel wool #0000
Environment properties High temperature Ok External appearance: No change Hardness : No change
Hot Water test Ok
Thermal cycling Ok
Chemical properties DI WATER 25° C, 24hrs dipping Ok External appearance: No change Hardness : No change
Methanol 100cycle rubbing Ok
Sulfuric acid (30%aq.) Ok
Acetone Ok
Looking for ways to control or manage static charges on your polycarbonate products? Then ESD polycarbonate is your best option! At Excelite, we are aware of the problems that might arise due to uncontrolled static charges on your polycarbonate sheets. Therefore, we bring to you high-quality anti static polycarbonate sheets suitable for use in a variety of industries. Excelite has been a premium ESD polycarbonate sheets and panels supplier in Australia for many years. We use the latest techniques and technologies when it comes to coating our polycarbonate sheets with suitable anti-static materials. Our team will help you choose the right anti static polycarbonate sheet, suited to your requirements. Please Request a Quick Quote today!

What is ESD Anti-Static Coating?

Also known as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) coating, an anti-static coating is an electrically conductive material that helps to inhibit static charge generation and build-up on the surface of items like clothes, paper, electronics, etc. They are usually applied to the surfaces of materials like polycarbonate for protection against static electricity damage. ESD Polycarbonate sheet or panel consists of a layer of metal/plastic coating that has anti-static properties.

Why use Anti Static Polycarbonate Sheets?

The anti-static effect of an ESD coating is permanent and is not affected by humidity fluctuations. Therefore, ESD polycarbonate sheets have several benefits:
  • Transparent and clear as glass.
  • High impact resistance and very lightweight.
  • Prevents Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damages like fires, explosions, electronics damage, etc.
  • Highly surface-resistive and hence, prevents contaminations and dust build-ups.
  • Restricts static charge generation on the surface even on frequent or repetitive contact/friction.
  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and tribocharging.
  • Highly-durable and weatherproof.
  • Can be easily bent, cut, drilled, thermoformed, or printed.
  • Increases the safety of end-users by eliminating static electricity shocks.

Applications of ESD Polycarbonate Sheets and Panels

Due to its virtually unbreakable nature, high optical clarity, and anti-static properties, ESD polycarbonate sheets are ideal for applications in many industries like textile, oil, rubber, steel, military, navy, etc. Some of the most common applications of anti static polycarbonate sheets include but are not limited to:
  • Windows/doors
  • Machine guards/covers/hoods
  • Electronic equipment covers and access panels
  • Observation enclosures/windows
  • Static control shields
  • Glove boxes
  • Testing equipment
  • Assembly machines for electronics
  • Environment-glazing panels
  • Cleanroom glazing construction
  • Room patio, etc.

ESD Polycarbonate Sheets at Excelite

At Excelite, we believe in providing you with only the best products for all your polycarbonate needs. We ensure to customise all our Excelite polycarbonate ESD sheets as per your requirements. These sheets are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, guaranteed to last for ten years. Our ESD polycarbonate panels come in size 50mmx1200mmx2400mm. To view our range of polycarbonate ESD sheets, click here.

Why choose Excelite?

As an ISO9001:2008 certified company, our goal at Excelite is to provide custom-made anti static polycarbonate sheets of the highest quality. We have a technologically-advanced CNC processing facility to ensure we can provide precise cut-to-size ESD polycarbonate sheets. Our customer support is available 24×7 for quick consultations. Call us today to buy one of the best anti static polycarbonate sheets in Australia!

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