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What Roofing System Is Best Suited for My Pergola?

When comes pergola construction or renovation, the roofing system is a key point.

From the structural of slope and spacing to the design of glass-like roofing, the decision-making process involves a balance of practicality and style. Whether you're on a tight budget or seeking a leakproof guarantee, there's a roofing solution tailored to meet your pergola aspirations.

The choice of roofing system for your pergola depends on various factors, including your specific needs, local climate, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some suggestions from our years of pergola building experiences,

1, Do you currently have a pergola in place?

It's best to decide on your pergola roofing system before constructing the frame. This allows you to choose the desired roofing material and position the rafters or battens in a way that suits the selected roofing sheets.

If you already have a pergola frame, here are the structural requirements for our roofing systems, allowing you to assess whether your current structure is suitable or if adjustments are required.

Slope: Minimum 5 degree fall needed for any pergola roofing. If your pergola is flat, we recommend adding shims to create slope. 

Ideal Structure: Battens.  For this type of structure, you can use nearly any width system for battens, as there are no limitations on width.

Potential modification: Rafters - The width of the polycarbonate solid locking systems and Multiwall locking system cannot be cut down. If the rafters are the incorrect distance apart, you will have to remove them and re-install at the exact polycarbonate sheet width or add battens.

In this case, you can choose Excelite flat Polycarbonate roofing sheets with Aluminium joiners, this system, can cut to your width and length.


2, What pergola design do you like?

Glass like pergola roofing System

Glass like Pergola Roofing

Slope: Minimal 5-degree slope. If your pergola is flat, we recommend adding shims to create slope. 

Battens : Ideal structure.

Rafters – This flat glass like pergola roofing sheets suitable for any spacing between 300mm-800mm.

To avoid sagging panels, rafters should be spaced 500-800mm apart. If they are wider than that, you will have to add additional rafters or cross bracing. 

If you want to go wider span to 900mm-1000mm, you can choose 16mm Multiwall roofing system, which can span 1040mm without sagging.

Pergola Roofing

Install: Handy homeowners or pergola builders could install, but there is more room for error when compared to the Locking system. If you want we install for you, please contact us.


3, Is your pergola project on a tight budget? 

If the answer is Yes:  Choose corrugated sheet or Twin wall polycarbonate

Option 1: Opt for corrugated sheets at $10/m with near no additional accessories required accept screws.

Option 2: Consider Twin Wall Polycarbonate sheets at approximately $20-30/sqm.

4, Do you need a guaranteed leakproof pergola roof? 

Yes: Choose polycarbonate locking system

Excelite locking system(Both solid and Multiwall) has a standing seam design and no screws penetrate the polycarbonate sheet allowing for a guaranteed waterproof cover for ten years. We recommend this roofing system if your pergola will be covering electronics, furniture, or an outdoor kitchen. 


5, Do you live in coastal area or with high winds? 

Yes: Choose locking system.

If you live along the coast, the Polycarbonate solid locking System is your best option. It is rated for wind speeds up to 135mph.

What pergola design do you prefer?

If you like pergola with a glass roof, then choose polycarbonate solid locking system or clear polycarbonate roofing sheets.

If you want better heat insulation, choose Multiwall locking system.


In conclusion, the selection process of pergola roofing material involves a thoughtful evaluation of your specific needs, style preferences, and environmental conditions. By considering these factors, you can create a pergola that not only enhances your outdoor space but also provides the desired level of comfort and protection. You can also contact a pergola builder to get more information.

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