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Product Selection Process

Product selection is a challenging process and in most cases and it is nearly impossible to come by a product which is 100% perfect.

All engineering product have their unique advantages and disadvantages which every user should be able to scrutinise.

One key tool in the product selection process is the specific application requirements.The polycarbonate grade should fulfil all the needs of the end user.

It is for this reason that there exist the corrugated, embossed, prismatic, solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets.The product data sheet is also a crucial tool in the product selection process.

All physical and chemical properties of all polycarbonates are indicated in the product data sheet.Some of the key issues to consider in the product selection process include:

(1) Product description;

This is the general overview of the polycarbonate sheet, whether it is embossed, hollow, solid or corrugated sheet.

The key issue to consider include the dimension of the product and the type of tint.A number of polycarbonate manufacturing companies produce a number of standard products.

However, there are the custom made polycarbonates with specific structures.

The custom made products are slightly expensive than the standard products, but, they play a significant role when it comes to product differentiation.

(2) Thermal properties;

The thermal expansion and service temperature are crucial features that one should consider when choosing a polycarbonate sheet.

The insulation value should be analysed, more so, with the multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

(3) Optical properties;

What is the solar heat gain coefficient of the polycarbonate sheet of choice? The polycarbonate sheet should meet the desired optical criteria especially when it should be used as a glazing material.

For instance, polycarbonate sheets which are used in the greenhouse construction should diffuse light while eliminating chances of burning effect.

(4) Technical information;

There are certain information that the ordinary polycarbonate user may not comprehend, however, they are essential when determining the overall performance of a glazing sheet.

The chemical resistance, fire performance properties, acoustic properties,UV protection, cold bending and impact resistance.It is these factors which determine whether a polycarbonate sheet is suitable for particular task.

(5) The general user guide information;

The sheet may possess all the desired physical and chemical properties, however, ignoring the user guide information will reduce the lifespan of the sheet significantly.

These may include the recommended storage procedures, cleaning, drilling and cutting procedures.

(6) Cost;

As compared to other engineering sheets, polycarbonate sheets are relatively expensive, but, they are durable.

This sheets are recommended for individuals who would wish to realise long-term cost saving.

(7) Mode of purchase;

Buying polycarbonate products is slightly cheaper than buying the products in small quantity.It is the same feature which is associated with making purchase in bulk.

Ideally, all these factors form an important technical information requirement which every polycarbonate sheet user should consider at all cost.

It is for this reason that all polycarbonate users are expected to buy the polycarbonate products from a company which meets the following criteria:

a. Experienced are reputable; there are very many polycarbonate manufacturing companies, however, only a few can produce reliable and quality products which can be trusted.

Going by the consumer reviews and the history of the company in the industry, it is possible to get quality products which can be trusted.

b. Warranty; a number of polycarbonate sheets come with a warranty.The period of the warranty may vary depending on the quality of the product.

A warranty is a clear indication that the company trust the products they are supplying in the market.In the polycarbonate industry, the UV protection should be covered in the warranty.

c. Certification; in all manufacturing process, quality control is a crucial process.This is the only way a company can produce products which conform to the required global standards.

A company which is not regulated and are not certified could be producing substandard sheets.Thus, it is advisable to avoid such companies at all cost.

The chances that such products may fail is very common.

d. Shipping process; does the company has a reliable shipping procedure?How much does it cost?Purchasing a product from an online store could be a simple task.

However, the delivery process can be discouraging especially if you have to wait for months before receiving the final product.

e. Customer-client relationship; how does the sales representative treat you?Are they able to respond to all your concerns within the scheduled time?

Deal with those companies which can address all you concerns within the shortest time possible. Polycarbonates are essential engineering materials which are used in a number of applications due to the superior properties that they possess. It a reliable plastic which is commonly used in the construction industry. Before purchasing polycarbonates, it is important to analyse all the basic factors which determine the overall performance and the durability of the polycarbonate sheet.

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