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Anti-fog Coating - Make Your Visions Clearer

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Anti-fog coating prevent condensation of water on glass surface, thereby removing obstruction in your vision.

We deliver a variety of anti-fog coatings that can be used on different materials, including polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate films, PMMA films, and Acrylic sheets.

Anti-fog coating for polycarbonate Sheet or polycarbonate film is applicable in many fields such as commercial, industrial, thermal, electrical and medical.

We offer a huge range of products that are applied further such as visor anti fog, replacement helmet lens, helmet face shield to provide an extra care to your face.

Hence, you can work in a protected and care free environment.

Features of Anti-fog coating

Have an affinity for water that is hydrophilic
– Chemical resistant
– Water washable
– Abrasion resistant
– Impact resistant

Anti-fog coating for polycarbonate film

Excelite offer Anti-fog properties on the anti-fog polycarbonate films. There is a single side coating for anti-fog polycarbonate film. The popular application of such films is mirrors, helmet visor, sunglasses, etc. It has various features as scratch free, chemical free and impact free.The consumers will have many advantages while using our anti-fog films like it is tinted, can be embossed, possess anti-static properties, and printable.

Anti-fog coating for polycarbonate sheet

Excelite anti-fog polycarbonate sheet is scratch resistant. It is available with us in different thickness. The anti-fog polycarbonate sheet is easy to maintain and clean and is available in various thicknesses, coated one side or two. The anti-fog film provides a smooth fog resistant surface. Even if it gets too humid, the anti-fog coating will not be spoiled. The surface is easily cleaned with the lens cleaner or the commercial cleaner.

The application of anti-fog film is common as anti-fog visor in helmet. There are various kinds of visor used in helmets in different ways. Few examples are – motorcycle visor, bike visor, respiratory visor, paintball visor, football visor, hockey visor, pilot visor.

Features associated with the anti fog visor are:-

Scratch resistant
– Abrasion resistant
– Improved Fog resistance
– Improved optical clarity
– High protection
– Comfortable
– Good fit
– Provide clear view

The residents of cold countries may face the trouble of fog every time. It is very frustrating to see fog on the helmet visor or on the goggles as soon as you step out. It provides hurdle to the vision in the foggy conditions. Keeping situations in mind, Excelite is providing the anti-fog coating on the polycarbonate films and sheets. Use of anti-fog Helmet visors, helmet face shields, replacement helmet lens is very prevalent.

There are specifications that are mentioned on the specification sheets. These specifications sheets are available on our website. You can easily download the sheet that shows the anti-fog features.

Excelite provides an excellent anti-fog coating on its anti-fog polycarbonate sheets and anti-fog polycarbonate films. The coating does not fail in very damp and humid conditions. The anti-fog properties are well preserved. It can be cleaned by the commercial leans cleaner. You can buy it from this website. Check out our product! We're looking forward to working with you!

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