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Use image with text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select imagery and text that relates to your style and story. Polycarbonate Signs and Lights in Melbourne, Australia Polycarbonate is known for its exceptional clarity and impact resistance. It is the ideal material for crafting signs and lighting fixtures that stand the test of time. Signs and lights using polycarbonate offer a dynamic solution for enhancing aesthetics and functionality. You can use them as a vibrant illuminated sign for your business or outdoor lighting. The best part is that they can withstand Melbourne's ever-changing weather. With years of experience in this industry, Excelite Plastics has an extensive knowledge of polycarbonate and its diverse applications. We only use the highest-grade polycarbonate materials in the production of our signs and lighting fixtures. This guarantees that each product is durable and resilient to harsh weather conditions. SHOP NOWCONTACT USOur Custom Polycarbonate Signage for Every Occasion Make your message stand out with our custom polycarbonate signage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. You can use them to create eye-catching signs for events, businesses, or personal use. Here are the different options available for customisation: Sizes: Whether you need small or large-format signs, choose the dimensions that best suit your space and purpose.Shapes: Explore a variety of shapes, from traditional to more unconventional options.Tint Levels: Control the level of tint in your polycarbonate signage to create the desired level of transparency, opacity, or touch of colour.Finishes: Select from a range of finishes (including glossy, matte, or textured) to achieve the desired look and feel for your signage.Graphics and Printing: To make your signage truly unique, we offer the option to incorporate graphics, logos, and custom designs. of Polycarbonate Materials for Vibrant Signage When creating vibrant and durable signage, the choice of polycarbonate material can make a significant difference. We offer a variety of polycarbonate sheets with unique characteristics to suit different signage applications. Some of them are listed below:

Solid Polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate sheet is resistant to weathering and UV radiation.

Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Twin Wall Polycarbonate sheets are suitable for illuminated signs and displays.

Corrugated Polycarbonate :

Corrugated sheets are an excellent choice for roofing signage and outdoor displays.

Exceliteplas Polycarbonate

They are often used for skylights, lighting for corridors, balconies, passages, subway entries, and walkways.

Clear and Tinted Polycarbonate

Clear polycarbonate sheets offer high clarity and are used for see-through signage. On the other hand, tinted options are known to provide an elevated visual impact.
Benefits of Using Polycarbonate LED Lights Polycarbonate LED lights represent a cutting-edge lighting solution. It combines the durability and versatility of polycarbonate material with the energy efficiency and brightness of LED technology. These lights offer a range of advantages that make them a preferred choice for modern lighting needs. Moreover, they are a preferred choice because of their: Energy efficiencyLongevityDurabilityLow heat emission Instant illumination Versatility Dimmability Environmentally friendly Cost savings Minimal maintenance Versatility in Polycarbonate Outdoor Wall LightsFor polycarbonate outdoor lights, the choice of materials can significantly impact performance and longevity. Below are some of our available polycarbonate outdoor wall lights made from different types of polycarbonate sheets.Clear Polycarbonate Lights: They provide the ideal medium for outdoor wall lights that emphasise transparency and maximum light output. These fixtures create an unobstructed illumination.Textured Polycarbonate Lights: Textured polycarbonate sheets can be used to craft outdoor wall lights with unique visual effects. The textured surface disperses light in fascinating patterns, adding an artistic touch to your outdoor decor.Tinted Polycarbonate Lights: The tinting options we provide range from warm to cool hues to set the desired atmosphere. This allows you to choose the perfect tone to complement your outdoor setting.Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Lights: For areas prone to rough handling or potential impacts, our impact-resistant polycarbonate sheets are an excellent choice. These sheets are highly durable and withstand harsh conditions.UV-Resistant Polycarbonate Lights: In environments exposed to prolonged sunlight, UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets are indispensable. The material is enhanced with resistance to fading and yellowing due to UV rays.Installation Process of Polycarbonate Signs and Lights A proper installation of polycarbonate signs and lights is required for their functionality and longevity. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you know how the process works:

Site Assessment

The process begins by assessing the installation site. An expert installer will make sure it is suitable for mounting the polycarbonate signs and lights. They will also confirm if the chosen location has proper structural support and access to electrical connections if the lights are involved.

Secure Mounting Surface

The mounting surface is prepared by ensuring it is clean, flat, and sturdy. For wall-mounted signs and lights, appropriate anchors, brackets, or screws are used to secure them in place. On the other hand, for free-standing signs, a stable and level base is required.

Electrical Connections (If Applicable)

If your project involves polycarbonate lights, make electrical connections safety guidelines and local electrical codes must be followed. This includes wiring, connecting the lights to a power source, and testing to ensure they work correctly

Sign and Light Placement

It is important to carefully position the polycarbonate signs and lights on the mounting surface or base. Also, we must double-check alignment to ensure they are level, upright, and secure. Only the recommended hardware and brackets are used for attachment.

Final Inspection and Testing

Once the signs and lights are securely in place, a final inspection is conducted. This helps to check whether they are free from defects, properly aligned, and securely fastened. If lights are involved, we test them to verify that they illuminate as intended.
Contact Our Experts at Excelite Plastics We maintain stringent quality control measures to ensure that our polycarbonate products meet or exceed industry standards. Our wide range of customisation options allows you to tailor our products to your unique requirements. We also offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. To discuss your project’s requirements, contact us on 0452 396 680 or email us at FAQs Our team can customise the size, shape, and colours of your signage. We can also add text, logos, or graphics to meet your specific needs. Yes, polycarbonate LED lights are highly energy-efficient. In comparison to traditional lighting options, they consume significantly less electricity. The brightness of polycarbonate LED lights can vary depending on the specific product and its intended use. However, they generally provide a bright and efficient lighting solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Warranty terms may vary depending on the product. To check the specific product details, contact our customer support for more information. Many of our polycarbonate LED lights come with adjustable brightness settings. This allows you to customise the lighting intensity to suit your preference. Yes, most of our polycarbonate LED lights can be modified to be compatible with the most popular smart home systems. Yes, we offer polycarbonate LED lights with remote control options to adjust lighting settings without the need for manual adjustments. Absolutely, our polycarbonate LED lights are versatile and suitable for both applications. We manufacture signs and lights for various settings. You may request to have pre-drilled holes on your polycarbonate signs for easy mounting. Feel free to call us on 0452 396 680. There may be size limitations on your polycarbonate sign panel dimensions, but we can work with you to accommodate your needs. For more details, you can send us your project specifications at