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Buy Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures in Melbourne, Australia Polycarbonate pool enclosures offer a revolutionary solution for enhancing your swimming pool experience. These innovative structures are crafted from durable polycarbonate material. They are the best for providing year-round protection against the elements while allowing natural light to filter through. With their sleek design and robust construction, you can create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere around your pool. At the same time, you get enhanced privacy and reduced maintenance efforts. Polycarbonate pool enclosures combine aesthetics, functionality, and convenience – transforming your pool area into a versatile space for relaxation and recreation. Dive into the future of pool enjoyment with these cutting-edge enclosures. It helps you protect your pool from debris, pests, and unpredictable weather. That way, you can have extended swimming seasons and a cleaner, more comfortable pool environment. Crafted from durable polycarbonate materials, these enclosures offer superb UV protection by up to 98%. As your premier supplier, Excelite Plastics is renowned for its commitment to delivering top-quality polycarbonate materials. This ensures that your pool enclosure is not only functional but also built to last. With a comprehensive range of options to choose from, we can cater to your specific needs and preferences. SHOP NOWCONTACT USBenefits of Polycarbonate Swimming Pool EnclosurePolycarbonate enclosure is an innovative structure that provides a sheltered and controlled environment for your pool area. It also offers a range of benefits that contribute to the overall enjoyment and maintenance of your swimming pool.Year-round Enjoyment: Enjoy your pool throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.UV Protection: Polycarbonate sheets effectively block harmful UV rays.Energy Efficiency: The enclosure acts as a natural heat insulator by reducing heat loss and heating costs. Thus, it makes your pool more energy-efficient.Cleaner Pool: Keep your pool water cleaner by preventing debris and insects from entering the water. Safety: By forming a protective barrier around your pool, these enclosures prevent unauthorised access. Extended Lifespan: Pool equipment and materials are protected from weather-related wear and tear, increasing their lifespan.Customisation: Polycarbonate enclosures can be tailored to your preferences, with options for retractable or fixed structures. of Polycarbonate Sheets for Pool EnclosuresPolycarbonate sheets are the fundamental building blocks of a durable and versatile pool enclosure. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from a variety of polycarbonate sheet types to suit your needs:

Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

They are known for their transparency and impact resistance. These solid sheets provide an unobstructed view while providing maximum protection from the elements.

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

It features a multi-wall design and offers excellent insulation properties. This makes them ideal for maintaining a consistent pool temperature.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets:

Corrugated sheets are renowned for their strength and light diffusion qualities. It passes a diffused and soft light that enhances the pool's atmosphere.

Exceliteplas Polycarbonate Sheets

These sheets combine corrugated structures and embossed texture; they come with a textured surface, which sets them apart from other types. This feature diffuses light and helps mask minor imperfections.

Clear and Tinted Polycarbonate Sheets

You can either choose clear sheets for maximum visibility or tinted sheets for added privacy and glare reduction. These options allow you to customise your enclosure's aesthetic and functionality.
Our Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure Customisation OptionsEvery pool area is unique, which is why we offer a range of cost factors and customisation options. Our client-focused approach ensures you get the pool enclosure that fits your budget and enhances your outdoor oasis. Size: Choose from a variety of sizes to match the dimensions of your pool area. Shape: Select the enclosure shape that complements your pool and outdoor space. Tint Levels: Opt for different tint levels to control sunlight and privacy. Finish: Customise the finish to blend seamlessly with your existing decor or landscape. Door Configuration: Decide on the number and placement of doors for easy access. Ventilation: Add optional ventilation systems for climate control and comfort. Frame Material: Pick from durable frame materials such as aluminium or steel. Roof Design: Select a roof style, whether it's flat, gabled, or dome-shaped. Accessories: Enhance your enclosure with lighting, heating, and other accessories. Maintenance and Care for Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures Regular maintenance keeps your pool area looking pristine and ensures the longevity of your investment. To help you maintain your outdoor pool enclosure effortlessly, we've compiled a list of essential care guidelines below: Clean the surface with mild detergent and water Apply silicone lubricant to moving parts Check for any damaged seals or gaskets Clear the enclosure free from leaves and other debris Perform seasonal inspections for wear and tear Hire professional maintenance services for in-depth inspections Contact Us for Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures Extend your swimming season with Excelite Plastics's polycarbonate pool enclosures. These materials are crafted with precision and durability in mind. Choose us for top-quality polycarbonate pool enclosures that stand the test of time. Contact us to discuss your project with our experts or to know the polycarbonate pool enclosure cost. You can call us on 0452 396 680 or email us at FAQs We provide a 10-year warranty but the specific warranty terms may vary depending on the product. You can contact us for detailed information. Select the product you would like to purchase through our website. You can also call us on 0452 396 680 if you need further assistance. Absolutely! We offer customisation options to ensure a perfect fit for your specific pool and backyard layout. Email us at, and we'll work with you to create a tailored solution. While we don't provide installation services directly, we can recommend a qualified professional in your area. Contact us on 0452 396 680 for more details. For added safety and convenience, you can install various safety features. This includes lockable doors and childproof latches. Get in touch with our experts for any customised service. The final cost of pool enclosure may vary depending on size, customisation, and added features. To get a more accurate estimate, please contact our sales team. We offer different types of polycarbonate sheets for pool enclosures, including clear, tinted, and UV-protected options. Call us on 0452 396 680 if you need advice on what product to choose. Under normal conditions, you can expect a lifespan of more than a decade. Yes, our polycarbonate pool enclosures are highly durable and can handle rain, snow, wind, and even hail. Yes, our polycarbonate pool enclosures are manufactured with industry-standard environmental considerations in mind.