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Aluminium Pergola Kit

Excelite supply and install modern design aluminum pergola kit in the Melbourne metro area. Aluminum provides endless function with its versatility, moreover, Aluminium structural strength and resistance to corrosion, it’s the perfect material for pergolas, and patios to cover your deck, and create amazing outdoor space for you. In addition, Glass-like polycarbonate roofing is not only hail-proof but offers an elegant appearance.Send Your Inquiry Now

Excelite Aluminium Pergola Styles

A flat roof pergola is a good option whether you install a roof on an existing structure or build a freestanding pergola. Excelite Aluminum flat roof pergola rafters distance 600mm, come with gutter, slope, H bar and rubber as joiners.

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Bull Nose Awnings have a traditional colonial appearance. The bullnose pergola aluminum frame is pre-bend material, and the pergola roofing material is polycarbonate solid sheet, 2 mm thick, clear or tinted grey.

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A curved skylight roof solves the one potential problem flat roofs may have: a lack of water shedding. Due to the natural curve of the roof, water and snow are easily shed from the surface.
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The Advantages of Aluminum Pergola Kit Reasonable Price Design Sizes Duty

Aluminum pergola material and colors

Roof material: 2mm Polycarbonate solid sheet 600mm rafter distance

  • 100% leak proof
  • Glass like, hails proof (up to 25mm in diameter)
  • Provides protection from 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Clear and Tinted Grey
  • 200 times stronger than glass
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • 10 years warranty

We are confident that our products are the best you can find in the market that is why your investment in our awnings comes with 10-year structural guarantee.

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Select Aluminum Pergola Kit For Extension

Modern, open-style homes that readily allow you to move indoors and outdoors are trending and refreshing. So, continue the natural flow of your home’s layout by adding a pergola adjacent to an exterior side of your home that leads out to the backyard. Living well doesn’t solely exist inside structures, as the natural world outside the home beckons you to revel in its beauty and mystery. Adding a pergola to your property helps create defined areas for relaxing, entertaining, and gatherings. You can put a pergola kit along a walkway, in a garden, or over a porch. The structure you choose should fit your budget and way of life.

Key features of Pergola Kit:
• Durability • UV resistance ability • Light transmittance • Shock resistance • Temperature resistance • Inflaming resistance • Heat insulation
Typical Applications of Pergola:
• Extend the Living Space • Sunlight Break • Wind Protection • Increase Privacy • Tie the Space Together • Outside Deck • Graceful Garden


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