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Advantages and Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Sheet

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Polycarbonate products are extensively used for a number of applications.This is due to the intrinsic properties of polycarbonates, which guarantee optimal performance.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheet

(1) Unbreakable

Polycarbonates are virtually unbreakable. Consequently, they can withstand high magnitude of impact or force.This is mainly attributed to the overall structure of the PCs. It is for this that they are used to make bulletproof windows and anti-riot shields. They are also used to construct hurricane barricades and in glazing applications.

(2) UV Proof

They can be designed to block UV radiation. This radiation can be harmful, more so, in greenhouses where it can a burning effect. The modern polycarbonate sheets have been designed to be ultraviolet radiation proof which makes them to be a perfect choice for glazing applications and overhead covers.

(3) Lightweight

This makes the installation process easier than other materials such as glass which may require addition reinforcement of the overall structure. It reduces labor costs since they don’t require heavy machines for the installation process.In addition to these, they are associated with low transportation costs since all products to be shipped are charged per unit weight.

(4) Versatile

Polycarbonate products are generally versatile.This is due to the fact that they can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They can resist fluctuating temperature and chemicals.This has been the main reason why they are used in harsh environmental conditions.

(5) Available in a wide range of shades

As much as polycarbonates can transmit over 90% of light, by improving their texture and shades they can guarantee privacy. The shades can be customised depending on the applications and the requirements of the end user.

(6) Superb optical properties

This is the main reason why they are used to make vehicles wind screens, protective shields, skylights, greenhouses, etc.They are available in a number of configurations which can let only the required amount of light and heat while eliminating the ultraviolet radiations.

Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Sheet

(1) High Installation Costs

All polycarbonate products are more expensive as compared to those than have been manufactured from glass or other polymers. It is for this reason that most consumers opt for other materials such as ABS or acrylic.This is mainly common for applications which do not require extra strength.

(2) Not Inherently Resistant to Abrasion

This is the main reason why they are fitted with anti-scratch coating. Normally, one needs to be cautious, especially when cleaning the polycarbonate sheets to ensure that they do not leave any scratches on the surface. They are also sensitive to abrasive cleaners such as alkaline cleaning products.It is for this reason that all manufacturers insist on using only those cleaners which have been tested and approved in the laboratories.

(3) Manufacturing process not environmentally friendly

There are chances of emissions, which could pollute the environment.In the manufacturing process, phosgene, which is known for its side effects on both chlorine and human health. It is important to note that, apart from the cost, the impacts of the other disadvantages of polycarbonate products can be controlled. This is why this product highly recommended in a number of applications where glass could have been used.The polycarbonate manufacturers have been improving the intrinsic properties of polycarbonate and so far, they have managed to improve its ability to resist scratches. For more information, you can call us 0452 396 680 or send us an Email to We're happy to help you to find out and install the best product for you!

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