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The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Glazing

The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Glazing

Over the course of the past several years, polycarbonate glazing has emerged as the material of choice for both building owners and security professionals. It should come as no surprise that this is the case given that polycarbonate provides the optimal combination of strength, utility, beauty, and cost. It doesn't matter if you want to defend your building from active threats, rioting and looting, forced entry, vandalism, burglary, storm damage, or even storm damage, polycarbonate security glazing is an appropriate alternative that's suitable for all types of commercial businesses. 5 Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Glazing to Harden Your Building's Security
  • The appearance and texture of polycarbonate glazing are identical to those of ordinary glass.
  • Is nearly impossible to crack and cannot be seen.
  • Can offer protection against ballistic threats Does not call for the removal or replacement of glass.
  • Serves as an alternative to board-ups in times of emergency.
  • The appearance and texture of polycarbonate glazing are identical to those of ordinary glass.
The chemical structure of polycarbonate demonstrates the presence of carbonate groups. A polycarbonate is a form of thermoplastic polymer. You could think that polycarbonate glass would obviously appear and feel like plastic because of its plastic-like properties. On the other hand, security glazing constructed from polycarbonate is intended to appear and behave in a manner that is as similar as possible to that of conventional window glass. The appearance of your windows and other glass surfaces, as well as the way they feel when touched, will not be materially altered in any way by this. In addition, polycarbonate security glazing can be given a range of special coatings to boost its durability and lifetime. These coatings include ones that are resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet light, for example. Is Nearly Impossible to Crack and Cannot Be Seen exceliteplas

Is Nearly Impossible to Crack and Cannot Be Seen

Polycarbonate can withstand even the most prolonged, determined, and forcible entry attempts using heavy hand tools, unlike other types of security glazing, which can crack and eventually break after repeated high-force blows. Polycarbonate is strong enough to withstand even the most prolonged, determined, and forcible entry attempts. For instance, a would-be thief can use conventional burglary weapons like pry bars, bats, and hammers to strike a polycarbonate sheet as many times as they like without the sheet breaking or significantly weakening in strength. This is because polycarbonate is incredibly impact resistant. Polycarbonate does not visibly alter the appearance of your glass; therefore, it can be used to strengthen your property's vulnerable windows and doors without making them appear to be strengthened. When you want to improve the security of your building but don't want to reduce its curb appeal or give it the appearance of a jail by utilizing typical glass protection options like bars and grates, this is the perfect answer for you.

Can Offer Protection Against Ballistic Threats

There is a wide range of polycarbonate glazing grades that can be used for security purposes. The most fundamental layer of defense is known as containment-grade glazing. This type of glazing is designed to prevent forcible entrance and protect against other impacts, but it is not rated to withstand bullets. If you require a higher level of protection, you can also choose from many different grades of ballistic-grade polycarbonate, which is also known as bullet-resistant polycarbonate, to shield yourself against active threat assaults. Wherever there is a greater worry about the possibility of an active threat being carried out, such as in schools, religious facilities, government buildings, correctional/detention centers, and other high-security facilities, ballistic polycarbonate is most frequently utilized. Does not require glass removal or replacement exceliteplas

Does Not Require Glass Removal or Replacement

In the majority of situations, polycarbonate glazing may be retrofitted directly on top of the glass that is already present, which is one of the finest reasons to utilize it to defend your home from potential security concerns. Your glass doors and windows can be protected from shattering with a solution for retrofit security glazing, which eliminates the need to change either the surrounding framing or the glass itself. This is a perfect solution for major commercial construction projects in which the removal and replacement of glass would be prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive if attempted. Installation works for retrofit security glazing can also be done in the evenings and on weekends, so they won't interfere with your business operations or disrupt your regular working hours.

Serves as an alternative to board-ups in times of emergency

Using plywood to board up doors and windows is a tried-and-true method for dealing with emergency situations. This approach can be used to protect a business from natural disasters as well as civil disturbances. Board-ups, despite the fact that they might be an efficient solution in some cases, are an eyesore and a hassle for a variety of reasons. Problems associated with boarding up in an emergency:
  • It will be necessary to pre-cut and store a significant quantity of plywood planks.
  • The installation of boards requires a significant investment of both time and effort.
  • Create the illusion that your company or facility is closed while it is actually open for business.
  • It is possible to pry off boards, burn them, and otherwise interfere with them.
  • After a board-up, you will need to take the plywood down, store it, or get rid of it.
All of these problems can be avoided with polycarbonate glazing since it offers protection around the clock against forced access, rioting and looting, vandalism, storm damage, and other types of harm. To put it another way, polycarbonate serves as an invisible and permanent board for your already installed windows and doors, which means that there is never any need to add plywood on top of the glazing. To get a quote please visit ExcelitePlas.

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