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Pergola Roof replacement project in Mulgrave

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A customer in Mulgrave had an aging Colorbond pergola with deteriorating polycarbonate corrugated sheets that were over 20 years old. They decided to replace the entire roofing of the pergola with a flat roof sheet with glass look. The Excelite Team provided various pergola roofing options, and after considering them all, the customer chose the W800 polycarbonate solid roofing system. This particular polycarbonate sheet offered a glass-like, transparent appearance, and its tinted grey color provided shade. It allowed for ample natural light while reducing excess heat under the pergola roof.

Colorbond pergola


Colorbond pergola

Thanks to having stock readily available in the Rowville warehouse, the project began promptly, and the installation of the new pergola roofing was completed in just one day, causing minimal disruption to the customer's daily life.

Key points in this project included:

  1. Structures: The existing steel pergola structure featured battens without rafters, making it an ideal fit for the polycarbonate locking system. The absence of rafters meant that there was no need to consider rafter spacing, allowing for a larger pergola roofing span without concerns of sagging.Steel pergola frame

  2. Material of the Structure: The pergola was constructed of Steel, which was in good condition with no rust and minimal cleaning required. The paint on the metal structure was also well-preserved, simplifying the installation process.

  3. Pergola Roof Installation: Installing the new pergola roofing in this project was a relatively straightforward task. The old pergola roofing was removed, and the battens were thoroughly cleaned. Aluminium channels were then installed on the battens by screwing them down where they crossed the battens. The tinted pergola roof was placed, and the aluminium joiners were secured. Anti-noise roof tape was applied where the clear pergola roof contacted the battens to prevent noise during windy conditions.

    pergola roofing panels


The customer expressed their satisfaction with the project, as it not only brought more daylight into their pergola but also blocked harmful UV rays, allowing them to enjoy outdoor living comfortably and freely.


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