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Highway Sound barrier: What is The Best Material


You are working in your office near the major highway, suddenly a noise whistle from the way.

Then how will you feel ? And how will the noise affect your work?

This is why we need highway sound barrier for each highway near business centres or human’s house.

When it come to highway sound barrier, most people do not know what material they should choose, and which one should be better.

In this article, you will know different sound barrier material for highway sound barrier.

In the next part,I will tell you a secret material for your sound barrier project.

The demand for automobiles has escalated in the recent past in most cities across the globe.This has caused high rates of noise pollution in both residential and commercial setups.

It is common along bridges, railway lines and highways.This is the main reason why it is crucial to improve people’s lives by reducing the magnitude of the noise.

Different Materials for highway sound barrier

There are many types of materials used for the sound barrier project, let me tell you one by one:


Did you know that concrete sound barriers are the world’s oldest and versatile structures?Concrete was used during the ancient times and still been used today.It does not produce unexpected results such as echoes and the behaviour of sound wave is predictable too.


For metal sound barrier, most contractors will consider iron because of the cost.but we all know the iron may easy to get rusty during year and year past.so metal, at least iron is not a good choice for highway sound barrier.


When it comes to glass, the first thing we consider is that glass is really very easy to be broken, even you throw a stone may break the glass, maybe the glass can absorb the noise, but consider this, it will be removed from the material lists.


Polycarbonates are transparent (over 79% light transmissions) and over 200 times stronger than reinforced glass.All polycarbonates are protected from both ultraviolet radiation and scratch.So polycarbonate now is a good choice for highway sound barrier.

Acrylic sheet

Why block the beautiful scenery along the highway because you want to install a sound barrier? Get the continuous processed acrylic sound barrier sheets designed to block noise,no obstructions at all.

The sheets are UV stable, scratch proof and impact resistant.Acrylic sound shield panels balance between noise pollution, strength and cost per square inches alongside all benefits other materials have to offer.

Is this not a fair deal?They can be used for more than 25 years and be recycled in the long run.

With so many materials mentioned above, which one do you think is the best one for highway sound barrier?

Ok ,actually I did not tell you one I have said special, and it is Modified Acrylic sheet.


Check below :

The most feature of this sheet is that it embedded polyamide threads into the panel which makes it have stronger impact resistance and protect the bird(below I will you why it protect the birds, also, there are details reason why you should use modified acrylic sheet instead of normal acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheet or other materials.

1.Better sound insulation

As our testing result,15mm and 20mm modified acrylic sheet will reduce respect 32 db and 35 db noise which is better than normal materials.

Also, it can absorb sound better if the top of the modified sheet be made into curved shape.

2.Great weather resistance

Often when you buy polycarbonate sheet, you may get a warranty for 10 years, but sometimes the polycarbonate sheet be broken or turn yellow with only three or five years.

But you know that, the acoustic acrylic sheet can keep almost 27 years in the applications of outdoor such as highway.

3.Better transparency

93% transmittance which is almost higher than glass, and of course better than other highway sound barrier material.

4.Protecting birds

Can a highway sound barrier protect birds? Really strange? Yes, it is.and the reason is the polyamide threads in the panels. Birds can easily avoid the sound barriers with the nylon thread.

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